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5 Years: A Reflection OR Express Family Clinic – Spring (redux)

It was June 6th, 2011. I’m not sure what kind of day it was because I wasn’t here, so lets just say it was hot. Melissa Herpel, an FNP with lots of experience under her belt, had started on a brave new venture. I’m sure she was certain it was a good idea (otherwise, why move forward) but I doubt she honestly saw it getting to this point.

Express Family Clinic opened on this day. Her idea: to offer affordable, accessible, and excellent healthcare to everyone. Insurance is a bust! Healthcare is a must! At the time, there wasn’t really anything out there like this.

In the very beginning, we’re talking inception, things escalated quickly. Her family got right behind her and even though there were times they advised against certain things, they supported her dream. She quickly moved through all the steps (location, name, logo, boring legal what not, MONEY, etc) and, what seemed to me like moments later, the doors were opening to the sick and weary. Or sad… or overweight, or you know, people who needed shots. She does it all people!

Initially, things were slow. As with any business, you don’t get anywhere without eating your finger nails as every meal for the first couple months. Especially the way she did it: genius. She kept overhead at a minimum by doing it ALL BY HERSELF! I mean, yes. She did have her family there to help in the background, and plenty of support. But don’t let her perfect nails (Thanks Tony’s), luscious locks (Thanks Golden Shears), and somewhat laissez faire ambiance fool you, this girl worked HARD. And without even a hesitation…maybe the odd complaint now and then, but never without sweat upon her brow.

Well, perhaps not too much sweat those first days. Like I said, slow. On day one she saw a whopping 4 patients! Hopefully not all at once. Day two, she saw 1 patient. Day three, 4 patients. It trended on like this, but only for about 3 weeks. Then her numbers nearly doubled. In another few weeks, the clinic grew some more. As you can guess, and plainly see, it has continued on that trend ever since.

People come here for many reasons, least of which is advertising. Perhaps word of mouth, or a simple internet search. But they come back for the brand. And people don’t just come back to a clinic, its not like Best Buy. However, as soon as they get that tickle in their throat, they think of a smiling staff, great prices, a caring atmosphere, and Melissa. People cannot get enough of her! And the brand she has built.

Express Family Clinic is a unique business for every reason. It was the first of its kind. It focuses on passing on savings while doing the very best to help the patients. It has a fun and friendly atmosphere, not your usual stale, serious Doctors office feel. It will do whatever it can to get you the help you need (legally). It truly cares about the community. Express Family Clinic is a beacon for others who wish to follow in its footsteps, obviously, as its still around and standing stronger than ever!

All of this, because Melissa had a vision. When I say the girl works hard, hard really isn’t a specific enough description to do it justice. I think we might all say that about ourselves, but if you really get the chance to sit down and measure that by sacrifices made, money spent, energy zapped, nerves shot, building issues, everything breaking, close calls, normal business and employee issues, floods, and how she’s IT and Bob Villa in a scrub top… well that’s a pretty high bar to reach. Ands that’s a very simple summary. But she doesn’t just do it because she has to. She does it because its what the community has needed, needs, and will continue to need. And she’s (mostly) happy to! Melissa, as well as what she has done with Express Family Clinic, is certainly someone to be admired.

Now, she wouldn’t let me stop there, or at all, without saying that a MONUMENTAL part of said success is due to so many others for countless reasons. All the employees along the way, the amazing patients and friends that have come of it, the community, her family, Obamacare (teehee), etc. You get the picture. She would FORCE me to thank the world for giving Express Family Clinic the opportunity, and for seeing it through to this point. Here’s especially to the next 5 years, and perhaps, forever.

Express Family Clinic, an independently owned health care clinic that has thrived for 5 years. What was once an unimaginable feat is now fading as the hours pass and onto the next milestone. Family being the key word, as everyone who has been there for us, is just that. Thank you, and congratulations Melissa!!!!