Spring Location: 281-742-0624
Conroe Location: 936-463-8104
New Caney Location: 281-306-2102

Express Family "Virtual" Clinic

DON'T WAIT IN A CROWDED WAITING ROOM...when you can be seen in the comfort of your own home!

Express Family "Virtual" Clinic is perfect for minor illnesses and prescription refills. The "virtual" clinic is also open Monday-Friday 10am-5pm.

Just send a quick text to 281-742-0624 to schedule a time to be seen in our "virtual" clinic.

Visit the "virtual" clinic at https://doxy.me/efctele and enter the "efctele" room for more information or message us for details.

This will work just like a regular clinic visit. A "virtual" visit is $50. Payment will be taken at the time of the visit. You will skip triage and vital signs and go straight to meeting with the nurse practitioner via a video chat platform. A note will be generated in our medical record system and any prescriptions will be sent electronically to your pharmacy. If labs or radiology is needed, we will fax an order to the facility nearest you or you can stop by and pick it up. Any additional lab services will also be paid for at the time of the visit and can be completed at a LabCorp facility near you or in the clinic. If you need a work/school note, we will fax it where it needs to go.

We can take care of most things here in the "virtual" clinic, but you may be asked to come in for more serious conditions. If your condition gets worse, you may need to come in to the clinic for further evaluation. We cannot treat worsening conditions over the internet after the initial "virtual" clinic visit. We treat your initial illness based on the information and symptoms at the time. However, there is the possibility of worsening conditions if any information or the severity of symptoms was left out, or the illness naturally progressing despite treatment. Since the "virtual" clinic visit removes the physical exam, some important data can't be obtained by your provider.